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CardBase is a small, easy to use, address book and phone dialer that makes a nice replacement for the standard MS Windows Cardfile. Along with the regular fields for names, addresses and phone numbers, CardBase can also store email addresses, FAX numbers and web site URLs. CardBase can be configured to launch your favorite web browser, FAX manager, word processor and email tools. Up to five custom tools can be defined and assigned to your choice of fields on a card. Each card that you create can also contain short notes and comments. Each CardBase document can contain up to 10,000 records. Cards can be quickly sorted by name or custom card groups. Searching and sorting operations are fast and intuitive. Up to three phone numbers and a FAX line can be stored and dialed automatically. Phone dialer activity can be logged. CardBase can selectively print records for Business Envelopes, Mailing Labels, Organizer Pages, Phone Lists and Rolodex Cards. If you make your living using the telephone, or just have a need for a simple address book and telephone dialer now that Windows 95 no longer includes the Cardfile program, CardBase will make a nice addition to your Windows system.

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